Voile Avalanche Shovel

When exploring the backcountry in the deep snow, an avalanche shovel is a must have. As backcountry explorers, we rely on our avalanche shovel to build a snow shelter or to dig out our stuck snowmobile or vehicle. In a worst case senario, lives may depend on a shovel that can chip through solid ice.

Voile-usa offers several avalanche shovels to meet our needs in the backcountry; The Pro series, Pack Series, XL series, and Tech series. The pro series shovel comes in two sizes and has a telescoping handle with heavy duty D-grip. The pack series shovel also comes in two sizes and has a telescoping handle, but uses a T-Grip which allows it to easily fit into more packs. At only 1lb 2oz, The XL series shovel is lightest and most compact, but equally as strong as the others. Finally the Tech Series. As seen below, the tech series offers three shovels: The Voile T6 Tech avalanche shovel has an integrated 14 inch snow saw for building snow shelters and doing avalanche science; The Voile T6 T-Wood Avalanche shovel has an ingrated 7 inch utility saw that can be used for cutting wood or snow; Lastly the Voile Rescue system avalanche shovel has an avalanche probe stowed in the handle.

Most of the Voile avalanche shovels are offered in both standard tempered aluminum and a 6061-T6 tempered aluminum for maximum durability. At the time I purchased my Voile shovel I was unaware that the T6 avalanche shovels existed. While my standard aluminum shovel has has held up perfectly, I'd highly recommend the T6 shovels for an additional eight dollars.

In additon to the tempered aluminum, the T6 avalanche shovels also have additional "Dead Man" holes in the scoop. These holes can be used for creating a snow anchor with your shovel or building a rescue sled. If I can find more information on these proceedures, I will post an update!

The D-Grip on the Voile Telepro avalanche shovel makes it my shovel of choice. I have been completely satisfied with my Voile shovel. It's amazing how quickly I can move a large volume of snow. I've never had a problem with snow build-up on the scoop. My friends have been equally impressed. While the D-Grip is slightly longer, I found that it still fits perfectly in my Dakine Poacher Pack. Whether you Snow Trek on foot or by vehicle, you can't go wrong packing a Voile Avalanche Shovel.

You can find most Voile Shovels at
Voile T6 Telepro Avalanche Shovel

 Telescoping D-handle grip
 T6 Heat-treated Aluminum
 Deadman holes in scoop
Voile T6 Tech Avalanche Shovel

 14 inch Snow Saw
 T6 Heat-treated Aluminum
 Deadman holes in scoop
Voile T6 T-Wood Avalanche Shovel

 7 inch Utility Saw
 T6 Heat-treated Aluminum
 Deadman holes in scoop
Voile Rescue Shovel System

 Stowable avalanche probe
Voile Telepack Avalanche Shovel

 Telescoping T-handle grip
 T6 Heat-treated Aluminum
 Deadman holes in scoop
Voile XLM Avalanche Shovel

  1lb 2oz
 T6 Heat-treated Aluminum
Voile telepro avalanche shovel neatly stowed into a Dakine Poacher Pack
Check out this avalanche shovel test in the Feb 2009 Avalanche Review

Shovel Test.pdf

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