Hey everyone, I’m not new but back

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Hey everyone, I’m not new but back

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Hello snow peoples.

I used to be on this board quite a few years ago but then life/ family stuff happened, and I moved to Madrid Spain for a few years but I’m back now.

During my hiatus I kept my Jeep in storage at my inlaws house so I still have that at least.

Well now I want to get back into a lot more wheelin again and since it’s the season and I’ve really missed snow, that means snow wheelin.

Couple questions since it’s been along time since I’ve been out where’s a good place to hit for a day that’s not too far? I’m in Renton and used to hit Denny creek but I hear that’s closed now. I also used to go up to the 74? Road outa greenwater

And since topics are more fun with pics, here’s one I took this morning, there’s some snow at least
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Re: Hey everyone, I’m not new but back

Post by Nobody »

Welcome back. I'm not really familiar with the south end, but with the snow level finally dropping, should open up some options. Shame everything is getting closed.
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