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Last night I was making my way through different boards thinking about the Alaska off-road show, another thread on an expedition adventures and remembered the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). http://www.backcountrydiscoveryroutes.com/WABDR
Just because things are a little quiet, I'll throw this out, you think the WABDR route could be conquered with an early April start?
In theory, most of the route should have some snow that time of year.

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Thanks for posting that. I haven't heard of the route before, but I have traveled a few parts of it over the years. I'll have to study the map better later. It does appear that some parts get to some higher elevations, which I would think should have some serious snow coverage in the early spring. I have to assume some significant drifts on northern slopes that would be impossible that early. I can't say for sure though since pretty much all my east side travels have been on clear roads in the summer. I guess a lot of it depends on the winter snowpack too.

Re: Alaska Off-Road Warriors. I think they failed miserably at showing what Alaska has to offer, both scenery and challenge. I thought for sure they'd end up on some snow at some point. Too much mud :puke:
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