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12 feet of snow in nine days

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:42 pm
by Nobody
I was just reading the Mount Baker snow report. They’ve gotten over 12 feet of snowfall in the past 9 days.
As predicted by the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC) and NOAA, temperatures have warmed up at Mt. Baker today with snow levels up around 6000 feet combined with significant rain. In light of this mountain weather of rain on top of major amounts of recent snowfall, we will be CLOSED SUNDAY January 28th and MONDAY January 29th, and we will RESUME NORMAL MIDWEEK OPERATION TUESDAY January 30th. Mt. Baker received 151 inches (YES! Over 12 feet) of snowfall in the past 9 days and we've had some absolutely amazing skiing and riding this past week - now we're going to hunker down for a couple of days and be ready to hit it again hard on Tuesday.