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Snow tires

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:16 am
by BasselAlawar
Hello Guys!
I am from Lebanon middle east! I found this site while researching for snow tires for my Jeep.
My Jeep build is :

1998 Jeep Cherokee
4.7 L stroked
5 speed ax15
atlas 4 tc
dana 44 G2 axles front and rear with RCVs
Eaton lockers
35 12.5 R17 tires on bead locks raceline wheels

My current tire is Dick Cepek extreme country, it is a radial tire, plenty of siping, mud terrain and soft side walls. The issue is am facing is when the snow is packed or while the storm is dumping the snow beneath the tire is getting flat and hard and the tire loses all the grip.
What am I missing?
What be you a better tire for my case?
sometimes we face dirt snow with thin layers also where my mild mud terrain tire also fails.
Advices highly appreciated
I usually deflate to 3-4 psi

Re: Snow tires

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:28 pm
by christensent
More siping, chains, or a tire better optimized for ice like an AT or even a dedicated snow tire are the solutions. Obviously these go against performance in soft snow, slush, etc. where you want a mud tire. It's just a compromise. The better you optimize a tire for mud and soft snow, the worse it's going to be at ice and hard pack (in general, maybe not true in all cases). This is why you generally want to select a tire that's good at everything and excellent at nothing, which it looks like you pretty much already have.