Snowmobiler caught in Avalanche at Stampede Pass

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Snowmobiler caught in Avalanche at Stampede Pass

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Seems like it would be a pretty safe area, and didn't look like much of an avalanche. Very lucky! Quick recovery.

Snowmobiler dug out of avalanche on Stampede Pass ... 38768.html

A snowmobiler caught in an avalanche on Stampede Pass Sunday was quickly rescued by friends who watched it happen.

The entire incident was recorded by a helmet cam, attached to the helmet of the man's friend, Rick Jablinske.

Jablinske posted the video on YouTube that night.

Shown in the video, John, the man caught in the avalanche, stops at the bottom of a hill to watch another snomobiler higher up. The snowmobiler makes a few passes, letting loose an avalanche.

The torrent of snow thunders down the hillside, completely burying John.

Fellow snowmobilers get to him in seconds and frantically dig him out.

Breathing and dazed, John was okay and able to go home to recover.

All the snowmobilers were wearing protective clothing and helmets.
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