GoPro Wi-FI combo

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GoPro Wi-FI combo

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I bought a wi-fi combo setup direct from for $79, the cheapest one I could find on Amazon was $139. When it arrived I was excited to get it going but according to the instructions you need to update the firmware, but even before that you must charge everything for an hour! Ok so I plugged in my new BacPac, Remote and hero2 and patiently waited.
While we wait, in the box is the normal expected stuff like two case backs (one each waterproof and skeleton), stickers, strap for remote, standard USB cord, swivel extension, BacPac, and Remote. With the remote is where I found stuff that is a bit different, the USB attachment is like nothing I have ever seen in person, to be honest I was a bit skeptical of it because of the unique quick release. Once I started playing with it I was quickly relieved to know that it far exceeds what I had expected. The remote USB quick release setup interchanges with a key ring attachment that I would suggest using to keep the receptacle free from junk. All in all I would say that everything I pulled out of the box is of the quality that everything else GoPro makes

................................ fast forward 1 hour. I will spare you a long drawn out three page explanation with tons of expletives that covers two days but if you look Here I will tell you the basics and how I got mine to work.

Fast forward yet again to functioning Wi-Fi combo and it is a sweet setup! First thing I like is that you can look at the remote and see what the camera is doing. I have had a few times that when I stopped recording I realized that I had not been recording. Second you can pause your camera when not in use, although this might sound simple but for anyone that has edited out 60-70% of a video because you did not want to go to your camera it’s a huge time saver. I also have not ever used the 10 pictures taken every .5 second feature because it was always a pain to aim or time but now I can setup and hit the button whenever I want so I will be using it a lot in the future.
The GoPro App. I have an Android smart phone, it’s actually the HTC EVO 4G that I have had for over two years so it’s not the most up to date and it’s running Android 2.3.5 and that has not been anything new for at least a year. Even though my stuff is old the app functions great. With the app you can view what your camera does, use it instead of the remote to start or stop recording and I am sure many other things but I have had limited time to use it. I have found two downfalls of the app, first there is a lag between the camera and display but it’s not a surprise to me with the amount of information that is being moved and second is that the BacPac can be controlled by the app or the remote one at a time not both at the same time. Neither of these are a big deal to me as the phone app is a bonus to me as all I really wanted was the remote capabilities.
The cases were not included, I put the Wi-Fi cover on one to show the size difference
The cases were not included, I put the Wi-Fi cover on one to show the size difference
This is the remote quick release plug
This is the remote quick release plug
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Re: GoPro Wi-FI combo

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I'm looking forward to the future bluetooth update. I hope it will support a bluetooth mic!
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