Trip Report: WABDR 3

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Trip Report: WABDR 3

Post by pirateflag » Mon May 06, 2019 7:12 am

Saturday 4/27/19

Three JKU's. Two on 35s and one on 37s. All three 5-7psi.

Goal was to scope out before a May camping trip.
Started in Ellensburg and made it to maybe-roughly-I have no idea half the way to Cashmere because of a stubborn down tree that we didn't have a chainsaw for. Spent way too much time trying to winch it out of the way and then turned around.
Overall the going was easy aside from a stealthy sinkhole where melting snow was running underneath.
Best to stay on the previous tire/snowmobile tracks. Would have likely made it all the way to Cashmere.
The route we go heads East at some T rather than getting on 97 which is what I see on maps FYI.

Snow depth ranged from zero to 3-4 feet (snotel data was pretty accurate: the nearest sites to this route were averaging 22 inches).
As usual, extremely windy in the exposed areas.
Beautiful, blue sky, sunny day. Saw no other people!
Let's go.

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