Trip Report: Snow Wheeling 2020/2021 season

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Re: Trip Report: Snow Wheeling 2020/2021 season

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We did a quick run up to the top of the 4020 Rd off of Mt Loop Sunday evening. There was about a foot of snow at 2800' up by the Boardman Lake Trailhead. Pretty icey underneath in the tracks. Not much snow below 2500 ft. We hit the 4021 on the way down and went over to the Ashland Lakes trailhead. There was 4 or 5 inches of snow there.

Was good to get up on the hill. The special needs kiddo loves bouncing around and being in the truck. The 14 year old was not too sure about things when we slid 20 yards down a hill backwards due to the ice. All was good though.

This is up near the top of the 4020 on a landing there.
4020 Jan 24, 21 .jpg
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Re: Trip Report: Snow Wheeling 2020/2021 season

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Made a quick snow run on Saturday to check out conditions. Lots of wet snow at around 3000'. I couldn't quite get out of the rain, pushing quite a bit of snow. Hopefully this cold air coming in will firm things up a bit so we can get further up the mountain.
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