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Mt Loop 2/12/19

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:26 am
by Cylvertip
Went and checked the snow up the loop on Tuesday the 12th. There was about 30 inches of snow at the Lake 22 trailhead. Ended up pulling a stock Jeep out at the 4020 Rd. Thankfully they they barely made it off pavement. They were totally unprepared to deal with any type of being stuck. If they had somehow made it up the road, out of sight, they could have been in a lot of trouble. Ended up coming back down to the 41 Rd and going up to just inside the National Forest on the branch that heads to Canyon Creek. There was 40" at 1900'. We had to get back home for kids so that was the end of truck play time. That did leave time for playing on the quad with the special needs kiddo though. Her favorite words seem to be "ride!" and "more!". Good fun.