Costco Molded ABS Junior Snowshoes 2013

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Costco Molded ABS Junior Snowshoes 2013

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This year Costco online is offering a new style of the Yukon Charlies junior snowshoes. I really liked the molded ABS Construction and the ratchet strap, so I decided to buy some for my kids. They arrived today, and I'd say they are good to go. I was a little concerned about the single ratchet strap, but after testing the fit with one of my kids boots, I think a second strap would be pretty pointless. There isn't really room on the toe of a kid boot for another strap. My oldest was in tears last year when we couldn't get her boot to fit her snowshoes. Even the year before, it was a total pita to get her strapped in. Won't have that problem with these!

Unfortunately they sent us the wrong color. We ordered green and we were sent orange. The Mrs. will call tomorrow and see what the deal is.

I'll post a review once we get the kids in the snow. I'd like to see an adult version of these snowshoes.

Yukon Charlie's Junior 7" x 16" Snowshoe Kit - $49.99
Includes Poles and storage bag's-J ... 75093.html

Image's-J ... 75095.html

Just the snowshoes are $45 direct from Yukon Charlies ... hoes-kids/
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Re: Costco Molded ABS Junior Snowshoes 2013

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that's pretty cool. post up pics when you go out with your kids
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