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Mount Dickerman - January 1, 2014
Due to the severe lack of snow, we were unable to go Snow Wheeling for the Annual Hangover Run. In our quest to find snow, Steve and I decided to climb Mount Dickerman on New Years Day 2014. The 360 view from the top was completely worth the effort. We could see from Mount Baker to Mount Rainier. The weather was incredible, and completely unexepected. It felt like June 1st instead of January 1st. I've posted a more detailed Trip Report on the forum.
Climbing and Glissading on Mount Pilchuck - June 1, 2013
Climbing Mount Pilchuck in the snow is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. After seeing n16ht5's recent trip report I was happy to see that there was still a decent amount of snow up there. When EBSteve asked if I wanted to go, he didn't have to ask twice. I invited my uncle at the last minute and he was in too! We hit the trailhead bright and early and were the first on the mountain. The road was pretty much clear to the parking lot. We started out with the snowshoes on thinking the snow was going to be soft at the lower elevation. We ditched the snowshoes pretty early, didn't really need them. The snow was plenty firm. Had to lock in the hubs in a few spots. Sections of the trail were steeper than I had expected. Nice to have a little challenge here and there. We got some great glissading in on the way down. Check out the video of the hike.

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Mountaineering basics: Walking in crampons
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Ali from fitclimb demonstrates the basics of walking in crampons in the North Cascades of WA state.

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  snowtrek  Pilchuck 2/16
Well I had the day off so I decided to take the trusty dog Dexter and hike up to the lookout, zero real snow. I have been nursing a few leg problems.... so I packed at 25 pounds and it was just shy of 3hrs round trip (all things considered I was happy with that). I was shocked that at 6am there were 6 cars in the lot (5 overnighters and 1 ahead of me), when I got down around 9:15 there was well over 25 cars. It is Presidents day but it's still ...
  snowtrek  Trip Report: Return to Camp Muir - September 27-28...
Back in September, EBSTEVE and I took another run to Camp Muir. We were having quite the stretch of crappy weather, and I wasn't really feeling motivated. Since I didn't make it down to Mount Rainier last year, I decided to suck it up and get out of the house. I hadn't slept well for the two nights prior. The night before, I was up late running around finding my gear and packing. So much for decent rest! Woke up super early and headed down to p...
  snowtrek  Trip Report: Mount Pilchuck - May 31, 2014
So I wasn't entirely lazy this summer, just haven't spent much time on the computer. Back in May I took a solo trip up Mount Pilchuck, one of our local mountains. I left bright and early hoping to avoid the crowd. On the way up the mountain, I passed a guy running up the mountain. I rolled down the window and chatted with with him briefly. He said he ran up from the Ranger station and was headed to the top. I didn't think he realized there was go...
  snowtrek  Dirt Bike assist to Alpine Lookout
From Saturday.. November 1st "No Motorcycles" beyond this point :huh. It is a half mile hike from here. Glacier Peak And Alpine Lookout
  snowtrek  06-08-14 - Rainier (Panorama Point) + Kelly Butte ...
Went for a trip down to the Rainier area for the weekend... stopped at the Paradise area for some quick turns. Continuous snow from the lot. ski-baby attack She started falling asleep in my pack near the point (nap time) so we stopped for a snack then headed down. Snow was a bit slushy but went ok stopped by Reflection Lake on our way to the cabin our room for the night On to Kelly Butte. Trail is in good shap...
  snowtrek  07-06-14 - Snowy Lake
getting awful slow in here.. trillium up an old trail continuing on foot higher not another track in the snow wanted to hike from here, but out of daylight... next time


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