Snow Wheeling

Snow Wheeling

Welcome Snow Wheelers! We'd love to have you join us on the forum. Share your Snow Wheeling adventures and show off your snow wheeling rig. If you would like to share some snow wheeling tech, share it on the forum or we can add it to the Snow Wheeling Articles below.

Trip Reports

New Years Day 2015 Hangover Run - January 1, 2015
Mother nature delivered some snow just in time to bring in 2015 snow wheeling the broncos. We covered a lot of ground in search of something new. There isn't a lot snow yet, but it was still a fun day out cruising the backcountry in the snow. Check out the full Trip Report on the forum.
Snow Wheeling - December 27, 2014
It's been a long wait, but we finally got some snow in the Cascades. After an extra long dry spell, we set out for a day snow wheeling. Since this was the first major accumulation of the season, there wasn't a lot of snow, but plenty to have some fun! Great day cruising the backcountry in the snow! Check out the full Trip Report on the forum.

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Snow Wheeling Forum

  snowtrek  Mt Loop Run 1/7?
Anyone have info on the night run from last Monday? Big group of rigs was getting ready to leave the Shell in Granite Falls when I came through at 5:30. I would have loved to go but had other commitments.
  snowtrek  Mattracks vs Tires
I just watched these videos of a Toyota Tacoma on Mattracks up on Tonga Ridge in some fresh snow. Iím surprised by how much he still has to work at it. I guess that just reinforces my opinion that when the snow is good nearly anything works, and when conditions are tough, nothing works well. It would have been interesting to see a well setup wheeled vehicle in the same spot.
  snowtrek  How Much Tire Does a Grand Cherokee Need To "...
Back in 2012 I asked about how to access my retirement home over eight miles of unplowed road (link: ). I got a ton of good input of which I've used over the last 5 winters. I've learned to plow a bit as well as wheel a little in my 75 Land Cruiser (V8, ARBS, 38's (hand sipped) dual winches). The Cruiser works great to get to the pavement, but it's a beast to drive the remaining 20 miles to the nearest town. That's a long winded way of sayi...
  snowtrek  Trip Report: Snow Wheeling 2017/2018
A new season, a new thread! This worked out well last year, so just subscribe to this thread for the year. Drove up and down Van Epps Pass and then up to Gallaher Head Lake and on to the top of Hawkins Mountain 4WD trail on Saturday. Got up driving on mostly dirt. Three hours later 6+ inches of snow had fallen (probably the heaviest snow I've ever personally experienced). Winds had picked up to sustained 30-40MPH and continued all night, along ...
  snowtrek  40◊13.50◊17 mickey thompson mtzp3
i haven't been on here for awhile.since I can't seem to have winter in my neck of the woods this year I'm rebuilding my bronco been thinking about going with mtzp3 this time I've always steered clear of17 inch wheel size but these are a load range c has anyone on here had any experience with these thanks
  snowtrek  snow wheelen Sunday Feb 18
going up the mountains by Darrington with my son. Anybody want to go?


Snow Wheeling Articles

Low Pressure Air Gauges

When Snow Wheeling, airing down your tires is the most important thing you can do for improved traction and flotation in snow. That means you need an air gauge that reads low pressure from 1-5psi. We are on a quest to find a replacement for the Accutire MS-46B.
Flotation in Snow Experiment

This is a quick test I did to see the best "theoretical" flotation of one of my tires.
Siping Tires for Deep Snow

Why should I sipe my tires for deep snow wheeling? Siping is one of my three criteria for a deep snow tire. As you drive through the deep snow, the snow gets packed under your tire. The siping gives your tires hundreds of new biting edges. Additionally, the siping helps loosen the tire carcass allowing your tire to flex better when aired down.
Deep Snow Tires

Wider is better. Not so fast! Given equal tire pressure, a 36x12.50 and a 36x14.50 will have the same size footprint. The shape will be different, but the total area will be the same. Don't stop reading. I'm not crazy. Here's the keep things simple, lets say we have 4,000lbs vehicle. We'll assume it's perfectly balanced and therefore 1,000lbs at each tire. If the tire is inflated to a known pressure, say 5 psi(pounds per square inch), we can now determine the area of the footprint in sq/in using the following formula....more
Snow Wheeling 101

Stop before you get stuck. That's right STOP. Getting unstuck from the snow is generally pretty easy, unless of course you make it worse. So if you're stuck, just stop. Unless you've got some advanced snow driving skills, it's pretty unlikely that your going to drive out. Stop early and get a tug or dig your way out. You'll have more fun!