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Whistler 5.28.07
02:57 min | 69,397 views

Spring snowmobiling in Whistler, B.C.

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  snowtrek  03-28-15 - Entiat II
Looking at NOAA all night we decided to follow the good weather and go back to Entiat. Lucked out and got a sort of bermuda triangle of sunshine for the day.
  snowtrek  02-28-15 - Fish Lake
Took the family out for a trip to Leavenworth and Hannah's new sled out for a ride
  snowtrek  02-21-15 - Entiat I
Lake Chelan Crow Hill 7,400ft Pyramid Peak off in the distance at 8,000ft. We ran out of daylight looking for a way down through the trees to get there.
  snowtrek  01-24-15 - Bearpaw
There was more snow last July than Jan 24th this year...
  snowtrek  03-15-15 - Entiat
I don't want summer to come yet : "don't follow me your sled won't make it" I let my friend try the snowbike


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