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Tonga Ridge Snowshoe Trip
07:32 min | 257 views

Darren and Justin bow out of family Thanksgiving feasts and hit the trail.

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  snowtrek  Snowshoe Hike near Bozeman, MT
This is one of the nicest hikes in the Bozeman, Montana area - summer or winter. I've included some photos of ice climbers that we saw along the way.
  snowtrek  Snowshoeing on the CDT in Montana
Check out the strange mirage that we witness while snowshoeing on the Continental Divide Trail in Montana.
  snowtrek  Trip Report: Snowshoeing Mount Pilchuck - January ...
Yesterday we got a wild hare and decided to do some snowshoeing on Mount Pilchuck. Steve's new truck broke down as we were about leave , so we jumped in my 315k mile pile and limped up to the gate at the Heather Lake trailhead. Running a little behind schedule, we left at 7:15am and headed up the road. We maintained a steady pace up to the Mount Pilchuck trailhead parking lot by about 10am. We booted all the way up to the parking lot, but snows...
  snowtrek  Yukon Charlie's Snowshoes at Costco 2011- 2012
Costco has the Yukon Charlies snowshoes back in stock. I saw the 8x25 and 9x30's at my local store. Haven't seen the kids version yet. These are great entry level snowshoes that come with with trekking poles. I think it's about $70 for kit. Costco online has the kids snowshoes and the Yukon Charlie's Pro-Guide snowshoes. I got a par of the Pro-Guide snowshoes a couple years ago. The Pro-guide model has a ratchet binding, which I like. I've got ...
  snowtrek  Jan 10/15 Powerface Trail Alberta
I just got back from my first snowshoeing hike ever. It was a really good time. Left the truck at about 11:30 and reached 8km mark by 2:30, then decided to head back down. I didn't want to go too nuts since it was just me and my dog and it was my first go. Originally I found this road that closed dec-May and thought it would lend its self well to winter wheeling (trying to find places like you guys in Washington / Oregon have) turns out here wa...
  snowtrek  Costco Molded ABS Junior Snowshoes 2013
This year Costco online is offering a new style of the Yukon Charlies junior snowshoes. I really liked the molded ABS Construction and the ratchet strap, so I decided to buy some for my kids. They arrived today, and I'd say they are good to go. I was a little concerned about the single ratchet strap, but after testing the fit with one of my kids boots, I think a second strap would be pretty pointless. There isn't really room on the toe of a kid b...


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