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On the heels of Ken Blocks insane Gymkhana videos and the groundbreaking snowboarding/rally part to close out DCs MTN.LAB 1.5 video, the DC Co-Founder and Rally Team Driver has joined with Subaru to make the worlds fastest cat track operation automobile for backcountry access for snowboarding. Dubbed the TRAX STI, this is a new teaser video from the test session for the highly-modified, snow-ready (to say the least) car. For more information check us out at

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  snowtrek  Bombardier Muskeg
Hi all, Newbie here with some questions. I may be getting a 1968 Bombardier Muskeg and would like to know what I should look at closely before deciding to purchase. I can post some pics soon. Would like to hear from anyone who has experience with this track. Thanks.
  snowtrek  Tucker Sno-Cats in Alaska
Tucker Sno-Cats in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  snowtrek  Tracked snow vehicle
I don't know what this thing is, but it sure could cover some ground. I thought I would be able to follow behind pretty easily, but it wasn't so easy.
  snowtrek  Pistenbully 170D Manual
I just recently purchased a Pistenbully a 1984 170D snowcat groomer, and I am looking for a manual, both operators and service if I can find them. Does anyone know where I can download them? Thanks in advance.
  snowtrek  Thiokol Sighting...
Hmm... I think we shouldn't have a problem getting up Iron Mt... my friend Silas who owns it.. wants me to fix it up and drive it this winter should be interesting
  snowtrek  Snowcat I-5 sighting
I saw this snowcat on the freeway today. Used it as an opportunity to test my GoPro Hero2 camera on the 1080p 127 degree fov setting. I'm still learning the snowcat makes and models, but I believe this is a Thiokol. It looks like some lucky SOB gets to drive a snowcat for "work". Probably cell tower maintenance. Still has snow packed in it!


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