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Stone Tusk Jeep & Kelowna Snow Wheelers 2
03:05 min | 93views

March 24, 2018. Kelowna, BC
Stone Tusk Jeep & Kelowna Snow Wheelers
01:34 min | 111views Testing out the tires in 4+ feet of snow in mountains outside of Kelowna, BC. Video courtesy of Devon Villeneuve / RAD Contracting
Snow Wheeling January 2018 -
18:19 min | 492views - Solo snow wheeling trip up the local hill to check on conditions.
Stone Tusk Jeep. Snow Wheeling
04:12 min | 360views

Some light snow wheeling, near Wabasca, Northern Alberta. Demonstrating the flotation of our 51" low pressure tires from 'Arctictrans'. Snow depth over muskeg about 2 feet most places. Not much, but it's the deepest I could find around here for now.. Tire pressure at 2 psi in the first couple clips. Stone Tusk Off-Road is the importer of these tires and 21" rims which can be custom manufactured to any offset and bolt patterns. Jeep is running the stock 2.5L engine, 5:1 Atlas transfer case. 5.13 axle ratios. Design and fabrication by Specialty Truck and Offroad, Edmonton, Alberta.
Classic Bronco and Jeep Rubicon Snow Wheeling -
09:52 min | 1,306views February 2017 - Classic Bronco and Jeep Rubicon snow wheeling. Near perfect conditions in the North Cascades of Washington State.