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Backcountry Sledding at Mount Baker -
03:38 min | 848views - After a complete lack of lowland snow this winter, we headed up to Mount Baker to do a little sledding on March 9, 2013. It was a perfect day sledding at Mount Baker. The Highwood Lake basin makes an awesome bowl for sledding, slopes range from mild to wild. This was our first trip out with the new Mountain Boy Slalom sleds, which performed great! The Rush Snowtubes from Costco were of course awesome too!
Birthday wheeling November 2012
02:58 min | 1,547views

Naches jeep trails November 2012, Washington state
Overnight Snow Wheeling -
05:27 min | 33,131views Classic Broncos and a Suzuki Samurai on an overnight snow wheeling trip. Conditions were perfect! It was almost a full moon and the snow was deep! We headed up the mountain on a friday night. Made great progress up the mountain and had some fun in the snow bowl. Camped out in the bowl, then pushed on up the mountain the next day where we encounted some massive snow drifts and a few tree wells. We were denied just a few feet from the summit.
Tucker Sno-Cat
01:17 min | 162,650views

Cruising in a 1978 Tucker Sno-Cat model 1642 near Red Cliff Colorado. February 26, 2012
Nightime Snow Wheeling Shenanigans -
12:32 min | 453views - Some gopro video from our overnight snow wheeling trip. Two classic broncos and a suzuki samurai having a little fun in the snow bowl. We are on 6-8+ feet of snow